Our journey began by leaving behind a wet and rainy UK as the Cellar Rats team set off to Australia... 

For some of the team it was their first visit down under. We were all looking forward to visiting and filming in some wonderful locations, especially the Barossa Valley in New South Wales. It is amazing how popular Australian wine has now become and how it almost didn’t happen. Not so long ago, the government wanted to pay wine growers to pull up their old grape varieties and concentrate purely on producing Chardonnay. Thank goodness the growers fought back and didn’t allow that to happen! At Rockfords Wines we met the man responsible and said “Cheers” to him!

We couldn’t leave without meeting some of the artisan producers and this meant that we filmed continually for 6 days. We drove about 2,500 miles across dusty terrain and took some amazing footage. My favourite part of the trip was talking to Philip, the owner of “Bass Phillip” in Victoria. “Mad as a box of frogs” What’s your favourite? Begin the journey – see the Australia Clips here.