Spanish wine is so diverse yet locals have always stuck to drinking their regional wines and seem to find any excuse to turn an event into a celebration of wine. Welcome to Spain! 

We started off in Rioja and were invited to a religious fest with a difference – as soon as the formalities were complete, 5,000 locals pour into the streets to celebrate wine by pouring it over each other. It is similar in many ways to La Tomatina so our presenters really should have known better than to wear white!


Dried off and the tannings removed we then travelled 700 miles south, to Jerez in Andalusia, to see how they pick and process their grapes on a massive scale. Jerez is of course most famous for sherry - the barrels they use are HUGE! We visited a local market with one of the best chefs in the area who used fresh local produce and treated us to some delicious regional artisan food. The highlight of our trip was a hot air balloon ride which offered stunning views of the region! Below is a teaser from Spain!